Howard County
Community Service Partnership (CSP) Grants

Welcome!  We are pleased to invite qualified applicants to seek grant funding to provide services to the residents of Howard County, Maryland. Grants are available through the Community Service Partnership (CSP) Program.

Howard County Government is committed to investing in the provision of critical human services by nonprofit organizations in Howard County, Maryland through the Community Service Partnership (CSP) Program. The Howard County Executive’s overarching goal is to partner with the nonprofit sector to create, enhance, and support the delivery of essential human services in the Howard County community. CSP grants provide funding to support the delivery of human services, specifically those services which meet basic needs and provide greater opportunities for individuals and families to be self-sufficient.

Grant Guidelines and Restrictions


All applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be a nonprofit organization with 501(c)(3) IRS tax exempt status,
  • Be seeking funding for services provided to the residents of Howard County, Maryland (if the agency serves a larger geographic area, funding may only be requested for those services that are offered within Howard County, Maryland), and
  • Be in compliance with all Federal, State and local housing and human rights laws.
Availability of Funding:

Funding for CSP grants is made available through the County budgeting process and is dependent upon the resources available each budget year. All application should be aware that CSP grant amounts are subject to change from one grant year to another. CSP Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the County.

Grant Types:

Within these general guidelines, we consider the following funding request types:

  • Operating Grants may be used to fund the following:
    • Operating expenses to support the on-going administrative functions of an agency
    • Project expenses to support the cost of a specific program or service
    • Direct consumer assistance
  • One-time Grants may be used to fund one-time project expenses such as equipment replacement, technology upgrades, or vehicle replacement. 
  • Human Service Transportation Grants may be used to fund transportation services for adults with disabilities, to access  employment, health care, and social services
  • Plan to End Homelessness (PEH) Grants may be used to fund priority services, as determined by the Howard County Coalition to, to continue the implementation of the The Path Home: Howard County's Strategic Plan to End Homelessness

For more information regarding the CSP Grants Program, contact Megan Godfrey Jackson, CSP Manager at 410-313-5996 (voice/relay) or email



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